Butterfly Ice Pendant

Dearest crafter artists,

Growing up I followed the rules, now I bend them quite a bit. There is a style of post that is very helpful to users. However, I also teach and I have a different style that should help you understand Ice Resin.

I love creating lots of layers in my art journals. When I discovered Ice Resin, I realized I could create a layered look in another medium.

Instead of showing you step by step how I made this pendant, I’ll explain to you why my pendant turned out the way it did.

Layer 1

Pink foil, shiny reflective papers are great bottom layers. They reflect light and that is helpful in a deep bezel.

Layer 2

Printed tissue paper, ideal for layering. There is a scientific concept called the Refractive Index that explains why paper becomes transparent when wet. Resin goes one step further and saturates the paper fibers with acrylic and “freezes” the paper in a state that is like being wet. Tissue paper has less bulk to it and will basically disappear leaving you with the print.

Printed tissue adds interest without covering up the layer(s) under it.

Layer 3

Ice Resin, I filled the bezel half full and it started to set a little.

Layer 4

Paper butterfly, in order to avoid the transparent effect on this butterfly, I coated it with paper medium. It protects the paper from absorbing the resin. There is a bit of unplanned paint on the butterfly, but it doesn’t bother me. I let it represent the story of the setting, the people and what happened while making the pendant.

Layer 5

Mica and Vintage glitter, these decorations were added before and after the second layer of Ice Resin.

Mica is a rock that crumbles apart into think opal-like shards. It is partially see-through or translucent. This give your layer interesting texture and color.

Vintage glitter is also called glass glitter because it was made of mirror-like shards. Many modern glitters are made of polyester. The vintage glitter is opaque and reflective. Since it is opaque it will obscure your view of layers below it. If you use too much you won’t be able to see the beautiful layers you have built up. Some shards are in the middle, but I pushed many to the edges. It can frame the image which will bring more attention to it.

Layer 6

Final addition of Ice Resin

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